Girls discovering God, Life & the true essence of their hearts through the love for horses, dancing & beauty


Where Eagles Soar and Wind are beneath our wings we find God in the midst of our being.              

Eagles Wings is a faith based non-profit organization originaly founded in USA, carried by the wind to the utmost part of Africa –Now founded in Namibia and South Africa.    

 Eagles Wings United States Of America

Where We learn to take the sails of our dreams and fly to higher levels of faith.

Eagles wings teaches young girls ages 11- 18 about horses but more so about life, themselves and God.  We at Eagles Wings believe in the Father< Holy Spirit < and Son

Our motto is to get to the core of this generations hearts and help to find that and set it free so it can soar as to where it is supposed to be.  The Beauty of a woman’s soul is as deep as the ocean and more precious than pearls, we help young girls find that beauty and treasure it because it is the Essence of her womanhood. 

Our Main Focus is teaching three basics.

Horses- Body Language, Being sensitive to the Spirit of God building a bond with the highly sensitive animal-the Horse  

Dancing- Embracing your own God given talent as a Dancer and bringing Him Glory through Movement. Having the freedom to be able to dance for your King.

Beauty- Being real and captivating to who you are and being created to be the image bearer of Christ as His bride. To reflect the beauty of womanhood and what God intended us to be as His daughters. 

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